Asatsuki Yume's father died after he lost his job. In order to keep themselves alive, Yume and her mother work part-time in different stores. One day a new student came to their school. Although he is the new attraction of the student body, he is nothing but an enemy to Yume. Nagazawa Naoki, who seems to be an easy-going young master, met her for the first time, and their meeting triggered a memory of something happened long ago...

Art by KrazehKai
Story by Ki Hiwatari

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This manga will be printed~!! Please stay tuned for announcements in the future~



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New Layout~!!

After such a long time I have finally gathered the needed force to get myself working on a new layout for the site~ The new layout is a green melon bun-themed page with a failed ugly banner which will be replaced with a much awesome-r one from Kai soon. Hope you like this new layout, and please feel free to give suggestions on how to make the page look better!!


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